Disabling powersaving temporarily from olpc-session?

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Sat Jul 10 04:51:44 EDT 2010

pgf at laptop.org said:
> close, but not quite.   /var/run/powerd-inhibit-suspend/ is a directory. 

Thanks for the correction.

> google is a good reference.  when all else fails, read the comments in
> /usr/bin/powerd.  overly verbose, perhaps, but hopefully complete.  :-)

That's actually /usr/sbin/powerd  (sbin vs bin)

Nice work.  Thanks.

One of the quirks about the XO is the lack of man pages.

Is there an obvious/simple way to discover that the documentation for X is in 
the executable itself so that which X, more/vi $X will tell me what I'm 
looking for?

I suppose it's worth a try  to assume that it's a script rather than a binary 
blob and see if more/vi works.

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