Important change in olpc-os-builder procedure

Daniel Drake dsd at
Thu Jul 8 10:51:44 EDT 2010


With the purpose of allowing deployments to reconstruct and customize
OLPC OS releases, we documented the process of checking out the latest
version of olpc-os-builder from git and using it to construct OLPC OS
images, and I gave some sessions on this process at various

I've identified a small problem in that process, in that running the
very latest olpc-os-builder is not what we want to be advising in
order to reconstruct official releases. This is because ongoing
developments in that tree will result in changes in the resultant
image, meaning that your resultant image is something different from
what OLPC released (perhaps resulting in some bugs) -- whereas our
goal is that you reconstruct exactly the OLPC OS release, so that no
unpredictable behaviour occurs.

I have updated the documentation here:

My advice for those deployments who were already using the old instructions:
  1. Back up your config file and /usr/share/olpc-os-builder
  2. Remove /usr/share/olpc-os-builder from the disk
  3. Follow the download/install instructions on the wiki

As OLPC OS 10.1.1 was officially released yesterday, this "fixed
version" is what XO-1.5 deployments what to be using at this time. The
situation beforehand was a bit unusual and confusing in that as a
one-off we advised deployments to use an unreleased development
version, hopefully this will not happen again. So 2 more steps to add:

 4. Synchronize the [repos] and [yumcfg] sections of your config file
with the one from examples/olpc-os-10.1.1-xo1.5.ini
 5. In your config file, change the suggested_oob_version line (if you
have one) to 1.1.0 (like is shown in

You now have a configuration which will continue to
replicate/customize OLPC OS 10.1.1 regardless of ongoing developments
(which may introduce bugs, or changes which cause the previous build
configs to cease to function correctly).

Apologies for the inconvenience. As OLPC only made the first official
release using this tool yesterday, we're still a little bit in the
teething process!

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