Uruguay violates GPL by deleting root on OLPCs

Eben Moglen moglen at softwarefreedom.org
Wed Jul 7 17:13:23 EDT 2010


Thanks for helping me to understand the context here.  Brett is
certainly the right person at FSF.  I'm happy to do anything I can to
help further the conversation, and am always available to answer any
questions anyone may have.

Best regards,

On Wednesday, 7 July 2010, Ed McNierney wrote:

  Eben -
  Hi; thanks.  Chris Ball and I had some correspondence with Brett Smith a few months ago in order to make some introductions and get the FSF and Plan Ceibal talking.  It seems that that didn't quite happen, and we've asked Martin Langhoff (who's responsible for OLPC technical work with Plan Ceibal) to pick up the ball and try again.  If Brett's not the right person to do that, just let Martin know.
  	- Ed
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