NetworkManager time sync

Daniel Drake dsd at
Mon Jul 5 23:52:20 EDT 2010

On 5 July 2010 21:44, C. Scott Ananian <cscott at> wrote:
> Maybe someone's got a copy of build 653 lying around and they can run
> rpm -q for us.

While we have your attention on this topic...
Do you not think that this is a security issue? In that a thief could
put a laptop on a network with rigged DNS and have control over the
time/date on the laptop?

It does seem like that we have (unintentionally?) dropped this
functionality from recent builds, but it seems like we could even call
it intentional: this functionality weakens the security system, and in
recent builds we now have a secure way of updating the time: the
olpc-update-query OAT client now synchronizes the time from the OAT
server, and this communication is covered by the usual key-based
security mechanisms.


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