co-ordination of Record-83 source

Bernie Innocenti bernie at
Fri Jul 2 01:27:10 EDT 2010

El Fri, 02-07-2010 a las 10:02 +1000, James Cameron escribió:

> A patch file was left in the filesystem and included in the .xo.  In my
> opinion, if MANIFEST support was working correctly, this would not have
> happened, because the file would not have been included in the .xo.

But the MANIFEST itself is auto-generated by so
already knows what files should go into the xo.

Speaking of which, when I run "./ dist_xo" on a machine with
LANG=es_PY.UTF-8, the bundle is created using the localized name of the
activity as the root directory.

For example, Write.activity becomes Escribir.activity. To make things
worse, this interacts very badly with sl#2065:

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