F11-for-XO1.5 Release 10.1.1 Release Candidate 4- Hardware issue?

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Jul 1 21:26:08 EDT 2010

Yes, that sounds like a hardware type of problem.

Suggestions for you to try ...

- try a longer time without battery or external power,

- check that the AC adaptor is plugged in, in case the battery is
  failing to provide enough current to start things up,

What model XO-1.5 is it?

> On first boot it froze about 4sec into the boot process, I think at
> "loading mass storage devices" or something relevant.

I'm not familiar with that message.  Could you explain further from your
memory of the event what else was present?

> On hard reboot (with power button for 5sec) ...

I hope you didn't do this during a firmware reflashing.  That would be

James Cameron

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