Fuzzy screen problem in Nicaragua

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Fri Jan 29 10:21:15 EST 2010

We've seen a handful of XOs with an interesting problem here.

There is a large vertical stripe of fuzzyness on the left side of the
screen. It seems to be in the same place on every XO that we've seen.

It is not always obvious. For example, on the static-white OFW
background, it is completely invisible. But move into the OFW disk
block view and you can clearly see the fuzzyness.

It seems to be a problem within the display. Moving the affected
display to a different XO causes the problem to appear there, and
taking a known-good screen and putting it in the affected XO makes the
problem go away.

Here is a video where you can see the problem clearly:

http://dev.laptop.org/~dsd/20100129/fuzzy-screen.mpg (14mb)

Is this a known/recognised problem?  Any solutions or diagnosis available?


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