Impact of changing default Screen depth on other XO Apps

Daniel Drake dsd at
Wed Jan 27 11:27:20 EST 2010

2010/1/27 shivaprasad javali <jbsp72 at>:
> Hi All,
>         We are developing an Activity for the XO. During development we ran
> into an issue with the default screen depth on the XO. Our application
> assumes that the screen depth is 32 and does all the draw math. But as the
> screen depth on the XO is 16 we had to do constant 32 bit- 16 bit
> conversions which really hit performance. So we put in script to run after
> installing our activity which changes the default screen depth on the XO
> from 16 to 32 bit.

You already asked this question in July last year. Was the response
not sufficient?

In short, those of us who tend to stick to good programming practices
think this is a bad idea, nobody can tell what the actual effects will
be without a lot of testing (this is your job, not ours), nobody knows
how things will change in future, this change would increase memory
usage dramatically which will degrade this performance in other areas
(whether this is acceptable is a question for your users, not us).


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