Touchpad accel, spirals and xset

Paul Fox pgf at
Mon Jan 25 19:05:36 EST 2010

james wrote:
 > Sorry for the delayed response, I think I need to play around and compile a
 > kernel module and then use it on the xo-1. But to answer a few of the
 > questions...
 > The init of the psmouse module
 > >  > triggers a calibration.
 > >
 > > that's certainly true, but i think it happens pretty early -- the
 > > kernel is initialized by the time the dots start circling the XO
 > > guy.  and we don't really have any control over it.
 > >
 > >
 > In the GS spec, 7.3.1 it mentions "sensor correction" being done
 > automatically at startup, and the sending of AA and 00 once complete.
 > Then in 7.5 Section "6) Sensor calibration execution command" it says to
 > "When Power-up is done, do the self adjustment..."
 > Once I'm able I will test a module without the
 > "INIT_DELAYED_WORK(&priv->recalib_wq, hgpk_recalib_work);" on driver init,
 > and rely on the spew recalibration to be its first calibration. A bit of an
 > experiment...

that call doesn't cause a recalibration.  it only sets up the
work queue infrastructure so that later calls to:
	psmouse_queue_work(psmouse, &priv->recalib_wq, ... )
can work.  you can see from dmesg that we already don't force a
recalibration at init time.


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