quick Forth question

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Mon Jan 25 12:05:44 EST 2010

daniel wrote:
 > Can anyone help me with a tiny Forth script? Can never quite get my
 > head around the language.
 > I'm trying to set up an if-else based on whether a mfg tag exists (or
 > whether writing a mfg tag succeeded or not)
 > I'm trying:
 >     add-tag ak 0 catch if 2drop ." Laptop already activated" cr then

maybe something like:
   " ak" find-tag  if  2drop ." Laptop already activated" cr then

i'm pretty much a neophyte too, but i believe the commands that one
types at the ok prompt that "feel" like command, with trailing args,
should be avoided when scripting.  i'm sure they can be used, but no
doubt some special sauce is needed.


 > But, if ak already exists, it simply says:
 >     Tagname already exists
 > ...rather than executing my conditional code.
 > Also experimented with find-tag but couldn't figure it out.
 > cheers,
 > Daniel
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