OLPC hardware: what if there was an SDR modem / chipset?

david at lang.hm david at lang.hm
Mon Jan 25 11:25:31 EST 2010

On Mon, 25 Jan 2010, NoiseEHC wrote:

>> i've been doing some research and found a couple of companies with SDR
>> R.F. front-end ICs.  one is 40nm and is so tiny that it will only cost
>> about $2, mass-produced.  also thanks to being in 40nm, the speed of
> vs
>> i repeat.  all those can be replaced with _one_ i repeat _one_ single
>> solution, costing roughly... $12, if that.
> Was the first $2 a typo or maybe I do not get something?

he claims $10 for the board and other components to drive the $2 chip.

David Lang

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