offtopic question about high density wifi

david at david at
Mon Jan 25 10:57:59 EST 2010

this does not directly involve OLPC, but since I know folks here have had 
to deal with the problem I'm asking for help here.

I'm setting up wireless for a confrence in the near future (~1000 people 
for 3 days in a hotel), I know the RF side of things well and will be 
doing my best to avoid overlapping channel useage.

but my question is if there is a limit (other than the effective limit of 
the RF channel) on the number of systems that can assocciate with a single 
access point?

if there is a limit on the number of devices that can assocciate with a 
single AP, then I need to deploy more APs, even though they will interfere 
with each other on RF. If there isn't such a limit, then I just need to 
worry about making the best use of the RF spectrum that I can.

David Lang

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