Touchpad accel, spirals and xset

Richard A. Smith richard at
Mon Jan 18 14:37:50 EST 2010

On 01/18/2010 12:34 PM, Paul Fox wrote:

>   >  You are suggesting xset m 7/4 4? My tests where with 7/4 1...
> oh!  sorry -- i was mis-remembering.  you're correct that i
> previously recommended that the last element should be 1, and
> that's still correct.  (although in practice greater values
> probably won't be much different).

According to the man page the 2nd parameter is the threshold at which 
the acceleration value is applied so I'm not surprised that you don't 
see any difference between 0 and 1.  Even 4 might be hard to see.  I 
think that to see a difference for fine motor this value will have be in 
the 5 to 10 range.

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