Trac usage

John Watlington wad at
Tue Jan 12 14:24:23 EST 2010

Posted by Mikus on #9557:

> But given the amount of developer-mystification that has resulted  
> from situations I observe,
> from now on I intend to publish only the most clear-cut errors I  
> notice. If there happen to be
> actual problems behind ambiguous observations -- let it be others  
> who document them.

Please don't get defensive when a developer ask followup questions  
about your
ambiguous bug reports.

Yes, we do want to know about anomalous situations.

We take them Trac tickets seriously enough to want to find out why they
occurred and fix the underlying problem --- hence the questions.

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to provide enough
logging after one of these events.   I view Trac as a way of recording
these events so that they can be aggregated to find rare bugs.
I was in the process of reviewing these tickets to see which could be
attributed to known and recently fixed bugs.


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