Shutdown proces on F9 (8.2.x builds)... who kills

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Mon Jan 11 06:46:37 EST 2010

With the help of Mikus, a specific shutdown bug has been narrowed
down, and I think it's a race with the server needing a little
bit longer to shut down cleanly.

More details on the bug itself at
("Shutdown process stops in text console when USB keyboard in use").

But it is not clear to me who is killing in these builds. I am a
bit old fashioned (ie: I first look at rc6.d) but probably hal, udev,
hot/cold plug et al are the murderours characters.

(It is a low priority bug as it's fairly specific in the steps to
trigger it -- but fixing bugs is what we're here for... help welcome)

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