[Sugar-devel] New release of F11 for the XO-1 - Build11

John Gilmore gnu at toad.com
Mon Jan 11 01:05:48 EST 2010

> 2GB SD card in my XO, and I have Firefox on it.   I installed the ePubReader
> plug-in for Firefox.   This runs nicely and allows you to view eBooks in
> ePub format, which is the up-and-coming open format for books.   You can
> get  free ePub eBooks from several free sites, including books.google.com,
> www.feedbooks.com/publicdomain, and gutenberg.org.

Also, the Internet Archive (www.archive.org) has more than a million
books scanned and available in ePub.  You can also reach them through
a possibly nicer interface at openlibrary.org.  (All of those books
are also available in PDF, plus other formats, and are also readable
using a Javascript-based online reader that should work in most


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