Sugar 0.88 in F11-XO1

Bernie Innocenti bernie at
Tue Feb 23 21:05:23 EST 2010

(re-adding the lists)

On Tue, 2010-02-23 at 06:55 -0600, Mikus Grinbergs wrote:
> But this thread is about F11-on-XO1.  Meaning that yum ought to be
> defaulting to accessing the F11 repositories.  I just now enabled the
> 'rawhide' repository for my F12-based XO1, and explicitly pulled down
> sugar-0.87.5-1.fc14.noarch.rpm from there.
> My point is that the Sugar dependencies may have been upstreamed -- but
> those not in the inner circle don't know WHERE (choose: in releases F12
> or F13 or F14; in repos fedora or rawhide or update or update-testing).

Luckily, all the dependencies mentioned in the 0.88 Roadmap were already
available in F-11, but I've found a few more which weren't documented:

 python-decorator (in F11, but not in F11-XO1)
 python-dateutil  (in F11, but not in F11-XO1)
 python-xklavier  (not in F11, needs backporting)

I'll build a public yum repo with the sugar packages and missing
dependencies as soon as I find some time.

Meanwhile, I've convinced rpm into installing the rawhide packages on
Fedora 11. In this configuration the Metacity window manager crashes on
startup for reasons yet to be determined.

After restarting Metacity from the console, Sugar 0.88 showed up and
appeared to work normally.

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