Fwd: mount root filesystem on secure boot (signed initrd)

Esteban Bordón ebordon.uy at gmail.com
Mon Feb 22 11:07:49 EST 2010

I made test in F11-XO1, ofw Q2E42 and kernel-2.6.30.
During secure boot firmware (or kernel?) sets
"/pci/nandflash at c:\boot\actos.zip//jffs2-file-system:\boot\actos.zip"
in /ofw/chosen/bootpath. I think it's okay because i have the file actos.zip
(signed kernel) in /boot/ but XO display "mount: you must specify the
filesystem type" several times and then display
Can't mount root filesystem
Boot has failes, sleeping forever.

Somebody have any idea about it?

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