Battery charge and Q2E42

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Wed Feb 17 00:25:02 EST 2010

Disclaimer:  I am not asking for help;  I am just sharing my experience

This has occurred with one SPECIFIC violet-label battery - so I cannot
tell whether it is only the fault of that specific battery, or if it is
a question of the interaction of that battery with the software.

Much of the time. my XOs run with AC plugged in.  As far as I can
remember, one XO-1 with a GoldPeak (violet label) battery, using Q2E41
and running an updated soas04xo build, had its Power light green.  I
started flashing newer ROMs.  I believe it was the second time I booted
that XO-1 with Q2E42 that its Power light started flashing red (at
substantial intervals).  I pulled the AC and pulled the battery and let
the XO-1 sit.  When I plugged everything back in and booted, I believe
the Power light went green.  When I flashed Q2E42a on that XO-1, its
Power light went orange (and after boot, Frame showed the battery 11%
charged).  When I flashed Q2E42b on that XO-1, its Power light continued
to be orange (and after boot, Frame showed the  battery 18% charged).

I transferred the battery to an XO-1 using Q2E41 and running build
802B1.  Here too, the Power light was orange, but this time the Frame
here showed the battery 80% charged.

As I said, it may be the battery.  But I am surprised at how RAPIDLY
that battery went from nearly fully charged (at the beginning) to nearly
empty (with Q2E42, etc.), and how RAPIDLY that battery went from 18%
charged (on Q2E42b) to 80% charged (on Q2E41, different machine).


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