[Sugar-devel] [IAEP] Video Chat, Video Editing and VOIP activities for Sugar

imm ian.m.macarthur at talktalk.net
Mon Feb 15 14:35:45 EST 2010

On 15 Feb 2010, at 13:50, Martin Langhoff wrote:
> Cinelerra is a quirky beast, designed for high end hw, with lots of UI
> complexity, abundant unexplained segfaults and "but it works for me"
> developers.
> May be it can be turned into the opposite of what it's been for the
> last few years. But it does seem like you have better candidates these
> days...

Here's an unlikely option...

When I couldn't get cinelerra to work, back in the day, I ended up  
resorting to:


Which is pretty much unmaintained for the past 5 years, so far as I  
can tell, so probably no use here.
On the other hand, it worked OK on the low spec hardware I had  
available at the time (which might be relevant) and the code seemed  
reasonably understandable...

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