Using SoaS Blueberry to emulate OLPC F11 builds

Reuben K. Caron reuben at
Tue Feb 9 13:31:00 EST 2010


It looks like SOAS Strawberry will more closely relate to OLPC F11  
builds. Strawberry is based on F11 and Sugar 0.84.


On Feb 9, 2010, at 1:02 PM, Martin Langhoff wrote:

> (I am not sub'd to the soas list -- can a kind admin whitelist me?)
> Hi OLPC, SoaS folks,
> we have a deployment that wants to use SoaS for early teacher training
> before they have (enough) XOs in their hands.
> Besides the obvious indications that they pre-test the hw they'll run
> it on, and the "shut down SoaS carefully" recommendation, I drafted a
> plan for them to make Blueberry more like OLPC's F11:
>     - Take a XO (1 or 1.5) running the OLPC F11 image, get the
> package list with `rpm -qa | sort > todos-los-paquetes.lista`
>     - Get a box of USB sticks -- all same make, model & size.
>     - On one of the USB sticks, create a SoaS with a generous overlay.
>     - Start up SoaS on a machine with internet connection
>     - Get the package list on SoaS with the same command
>     - Compare the 2 lists, and on the SoaS side install anything that
> is missing (using yum)  Skip the kernel package.
>     - Restart the machine with SoaS to check that now you have the
> "swtich to gnome" option in the control panel, and the option to
> return to Sugar on the Gnome desktop. (Will this Just Work, or did we
> hardcode /home/olpc or the olpc uid?...)
>     - Once the SoaS works as expected, restart it, switch to a VT,
> and as the root user delete /home/liveuser/.sugar and then use the
> command  `halt` to shut down the system.
>     - Duplicate that exact SoaS disk using the dd command on any  
> Linux machine
> Will this work? Is it easy to tell liveusb creator to add a few  
> rpms...?
> cheers,
> m
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