[ANNOUNCE] Tiny Core Linux for XO-1 and XO-1.5

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Fri Feb 5 17:52:46 EST 2010

Apologies for the delay ... I'd decided to wait for my next Saturday
before spending more time on Tiny Core, because it is a side project for
me.  The root shell was all I needed at work.

I tried compiling the kernel using tar-pkg, but the size of the kernel
and modules was huge compared to the prebuilt kernel.  I noticed because
it was too large for the XO-1.5's /tmp to hold the initrd tree.  I can
fix /tmp fine, but when I looked at why the kernel was bigger I found
module files were ten times larger.  Probably debugging symbols.  I'll
have another go at it later.  I'll then add instructions to mktinycorexo
for building a kernel.

Thanks for the .config.  Clearly what is needed is CONFIG_SQUASHFS so
that Tiny Core's fascinating packaging system works.

On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 11:02:34PM -0800, Yioryos Asprobounitis wrote:
> Finally run the build on the XO-1 and added Xbfdev as described here
> [... in later mail ...]
> http://www.tinycorelinux.com/faq.html#framebuffer

Thanks.  Unfortunate that it requires persistent store ... I really like
being able to remove the USB stick.  I'm hoping there might be a way to
do these actions in the mktinycorexo script.

I reviewed your version of mktinycorexo, and liked the comments you
added; they were constructive.  You're welcome to edit the comments down
to the smallest thing that would have helped you understand the code.

For instance, 

# stop immediately if a command fails
set -e

Ever used git?  You could send me your changes and you get your name in
my repository history.

git clone http://dev.laptop.org/~quozl/mktinycorexo/.git mktinycorexo.git
cd mktinycorexo.git
vi mktinycorexo # edit the file
git commit -a -m 'add comments'
git format-patch origin

Then send mail and attach the file or files that it creates, e.g.

Oh, and if you have never used git before, you should do this after
installing the git package ...

git config --global user.name "John Doe"
git config --global user.email johndoe at example.com

With real data, that's just an example.  ;-)

> Is really low-tech but that's how was done!

Don't underrate yourself.  ;-)

James Cameron

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