Open802.11s stack on the XO-1 and libertas_tf

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Fri Feb 5 09:42:25 EST 2010

Hi Sameer, Deepak, list,

I came across Sameer's post on the o11s list on running it on XO-1.5
[1], and it's true libertas_tf doesn't yet handle our (new! improved!)
Libertas 8686.

However, current kernels do have a libertas_tf that works on XO-1, so
it's perfectly possible to run it on the XO-1. Has anyone tried it?
It'll be interesting to see what it behaves like, and how the rest of
the stack behaves. I am a bit hazy as to whether current NM and Sugar
handle mesh devices.

Our F11-XO-1 kernels should be building and including libertas_tf
(Deepak CC'd) so we open the doors to o11s tinkering. Maybe
blacklisted so that they don't take precedence over the fullmac

For my part, I am pushing for libertas_tf on XO-1 and XO-1.5 because
it also allows us to run it in hostap mode, so XO-as-XS can use the
Libertas chipset as an AP, saving $ and complications in small


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