INVITATION: Sri Lanka QA Team Call -- Friday 5AM EU Time

Holt holt at
Wed Feb 3 17:57:05 EST 2010

Spread the Word if you believe in shipping Quality XO-1 and XO-1.5 
software to increasing numbers of OLPC/Sugar kids worldwide -- we 
*cannot* fix all bugs but we CAN organize what we have -- sanding off 
rough edges to build a better classroom experience, One Step at a Time.

I need 1 or 2 experienced XO/Sugar testing people on this Friday 
conference call with the professional QA team volunteering from Sri 
Lanka.  Reply to me personally if you've worked alongside any groups like:

Or, if you or a trusted friend/colleague have strong/independent QA or 
volunteer coordinator experience, send them my way -- explaining how 
they self-organize, balancing end-user requirements *without* involving 
their own ego, and proactively communicate with their peers.

    * Reply with your phone number, anywhere worldwide, and the best 
times to call you
    * Type "/query CanoeBerry" at the bottom of at diff times of day until you reach me
    * Include your resume/CV or similar where possible

Initial Call is 5AM this Friday for most Europeans/many Africans.  Like 
I said, we don't fart around when our job is reshaping learning around 
this planet, and I can't promise anything except a position of 
responsibility you will need to fill.  Join James Cameron in Australia, 
myself in Boston, a rep from New Zealand's longstanding volunteer 
testing crew, and the core testing team in Sri Lanka as we get 
organized.  Thanks for forwarding!

Subject: 	Re: Sri Lanka QA Team BACK ON TASK!
Date: 	Thu, 4 Feb 2010 10:30:12 +1300
From: 	Tabitha Roder <tabitha.roder at>
To: 	olpc-nz at
CC: 	Alastair, Rebecca, Brenda, James, Kapila, Holt

Hi NZ testers

...asking for a NZ tester to join this call on Friday at 5pm NZ time:

+1 508 389-7333 (free with a full Skype account)
    Conf Access Code: TO FOLLOW

If you can join this call and help with the Sri Lanka quality assurance 
team that would be great.


>             *Friday 5 February 2010, 04:00:00    FRI 09:30(SLanka)   
>             FRI 15:00(Aus)     FRI 17:00(NZ)     THURS 23:00(US/EST)*

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