Installing 10.1.3 to SD Card/USB Stick

James Cameron quozl at
Thu Dec 23 19:07:23 EST 2010

On Thu, Dec 23, 2010 at 06:09:19PM -0500, Chris Marshall wrote:
> I would like to try installing 10.1.3 to
> an external SD card (the slot) or a USB
> pen drive.  The directions from the wiki:
> say to use the ext3 image format file but
> there don't appear to be any of those being
> generated with the candidate osXXX.img files.

Yes, the 10.1.x series no longer supports this method.  So I've marked
the page deprecated.

> Are the .usb files a new name for the ext3
> image files?

No, the .usb files are for olpc-update using USB drive.

If you would like to try installing to an external SD card on an XO-1,
the method would involve:

1.  obtaining the osXXX.tree.tar.lzma file,

2.  creating a filesystem,

3.  unpacking the tree file,

4.  preparing an olpc.fth for booting from external SD,

5.  boot.

Please update the Wiki page if you get this working.  It isn't a focus
of the development effort at the moment.

James Cameron

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