re active the network mesh when suspends the system

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Fri Dec 17 13:36:21 EST 2010

On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 1:22 PM, Martin Abente
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>> From what I understood from your earlier emails, you do not want to
>> use mesh, and you do not want to keep the libertas device on.
> Exactly.

Ok -- then read, from powerd src...

# "config_MESH_DURING_SUSPEND" (boolean) controls whether the
# wireless remains powered while the laptop is fully suspended
# (i.e., sleeping with a dark screen).  The only reason to set
# this to "yes" is if you want the laptop to forward packets for
# other mesh users while you're not using it.

>> What I understand, you want the libertas device to remember mesh
>> should be switched off. Am I correct?
> Yeah, as it already does on olpc os852 build, but not on the newest olpc
> builds or dextrose.

It does so by accident, and with a heavy power use cost (for you).

To be clear, I think this is missing functionality in powerd.

Anyone wanting to run 10.1.3 builds on XO-1 with the new ad-hoc
networking model, and without mesh will hit this same problem.

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