James Cameron quozl at
Wed Dec 15 18:58:59 EST 2010

On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 06:30:37PM -0500, Kevin Gordon wrote:
> The three hard-wired Ethernet dongles I put up on the wiki page this
> morning as tested and working seem to have dropped off the page.
> Perhaps they were placed in the wrong spot?

No, they are still there.  Check browser caching, and try the refresh
link on the page.

Also helps if you create an account and log in.  Your edits were by an
anonymous IP address.

> I also cant seem to add any more results either, did I offend someone?

What happens when you try?

The Wiki was down for a short time earlier.  Perhaps you hit that event.

> But, when the little power indicator at the bottom right went off,
> which it did after about 10 seconds, the network disconnected and then
> didn't come back when i played on the trackpad. I needed to manually
> restart the connection.  I was in the  middle of downloading a page
> when this happened, so I'm not really sure why it thinks I'm idle, it
> just seems to put itself to sleep a little.  The screen stayed on.

Sounds normal.  Turn off power management before using a 3G modem ...
because otherwise when the system suspends the modem will lose power,
and therefore connection.

> So then, I couldn't find any control on the Gnome side to turn off
> auto power management, so I went over to Sugar and turned if off there
> from the settings page.  Should the mobile broadband connection stay
> active if I do a switch to Sugar?

No.  Sugar and Gnome manage the network connections without reference to
each other.

> Because it doesn[t seem to, it seems to instead start using my
> previoua wireless connection from my previous Sugar session by
> default.


> Which then made me think, I actually have no idea how to try to
> nitiate a Broadband modem connection from the Sugar side!  Oops. 

Control panel, modem configuration, then click on the icon for the modem
in the frame and select Connect.

James Cameron

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