Why do we rfkill in Sugar?

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Tue Dec 14 14:04:49 EST 2010

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martin wrote:
 > Hi Paul, techteam,
 > you patched the codepath that controls the wireless disable to run
 > rfkill to *really* kill the network when wwe mean to kill the network.
 > Why did we do this? Regulatory reasons? Is there a tracking bug where
 > I can get more background? The commit msg was rather terse :-)
 > Why do we care? It is confounding GNOME/NM/nm-applet, and depending on
 > the rationale, my workarounds may be valid or not.

we needed a way to control power to the wireless card for power
management.  on XO-1, we used a private mechanism
(/sys/power/wlan-enabled), but on 1.5, we wanted to something
"standard".  so we implemented rfkill.  we later, also
implemented rfkill on xo-1, which makes common code at user level

NM will react to changes in a devices rfkill status.  it will not,
however, actually control rfkill.  and yes, i was aware that the
NM applet "disable" function was incompatible.

what are your workarounds?


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