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Chris Ball cjb at
Thu Dec 9 17:36:52 EST 2010


   > Hi!  We want to register some events in /var/log/new_dir, if I
   > create the directory "new_dir" manually and then I restart the
   > machine the directory is deleted.  I imagine that I have to
   > define the structure of /var/log in a different place.  Do you
   > have any idea?

/var/log is defined in /etc/rwtab as a tmpfs.  On XO-1, having many
short writes to text files -- as happens with logs -- grows the JFFS2
node tree in a way that slows down boot and generally hurts I/O
responsiveness, so we don't do that.

I suggest putting your new logs somewhere else.  You can look at
/etc/rwtab to see where is available.

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb at>
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