Sugar without mono

James Cameron quozl at
Mon Dec 6 16:58:28 EST 2010

On Tue, Dec 07, 2010 at 02:58:43AM +0530, Narendra Sisodiya wrote:
> On my Ubuntu 10.10 I am trying to install Sugar Desktop
> Page says,
>   sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sugar-remix
> But this will install tomboy/mono also.
> This is very bad bad and bad. Please let me know how i can install
> sugar without mono.

This isn't the right mailing list.  There's a Sugar mailing list for
this kind of question, but here is my answer:

tomboy is a depends of ubuntu-sugar-remix but mono is not.

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-sugar-remix
sudo apt-get remove --purge tomboy mono

This will install the metapackage, then remove the packages you think
you don't need.  As a result, the packages that called those packages in
will also be removed.

ubuntu-sugar-remix is a metapackage with a huge list of dependencies,
see "apt-cache show ubuntu-sugar-remix".

If you just want Sugar without all these dependencies, then don't use
ubuntu-sugar-remix, instead use the individual package names.

James Cameron

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