SD card unpartitioned space -- used for swap?

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> > just as well.  Our superstitions about OLPC's no-swap configuration
> > may well prove to be similarly unfounded.
> Just to clarify -- side-to-side comparison in the past have shown a
> significant improvement. We did get a specially bad-behaving kernel in
> our F7 builds in that regard, but even F9 builds have shown it to be
> better.
> Note that this is not only Sugar. Wise or not, we are shipping XOs
> with Gnome. Specially with the HS model, you can fully expect people
> to want to use .
As was mentioned early in the XO-1.5 development cycle, the 1GiB of RAM
mitigates most of the problems. I have not encountered situations where the
system becomes irresponsive due to lack of memory, compared to what happened
in the XO-1. For the XO-1 I go as far as saying that it isn't usable with
more than two apps open, especially if it's a browser. Swap memory makes a
huge difference and, though slow, the laptop can perform most tasks one
requires it to - except for stuff that wants to actually allocate more than
200MiB for working data.

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