Modifying 353 (xo-1) to apply the fix {XO Wifi Issues}

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Thu Dec 2 00:37:00 EST 2010



I do not have wireless.  I live in the boonies - during the day my XOs
see one radio network (locked) in the vicinity - during the night, none.


The story started when I visited a friend whose XO-1 I keep up to date.
He has his own AP.  I flashed his XO-1 to os353;  we were satisfied with
how it worked (including wireless).  I had brought along an os353 XO-1
of mine -- and I could not even get my friend's AP to show up in my
system's Neighborhood View.  [My eventual conclusion about that system
was that there might have been something corrupt -- back at home, that
system behaved better after being completely reflashed.]


> if one XO unit is consistently bad while another physical XO unit always
> works regardless of their locations, this would suggest a hardware issue

No consistency whatsoever.  The same physical XO-1 whose wireless did
not work at my friend's house - worked perfectly the next time I visited
(but by then I had already reflashed that XO-1 with a newer build).  And
at home, the XO-1s I call "bad" will not see the neighborhood radio
signal on three out of four reboots (but *will* sometimes see that
signal) -- while some of the XO-1s I call "good" will sometimes *not*
see that signal after being rebooted.


> I have noticed that "scan-wifi" provides very few (5-8, varying between
> runs) results on an XO in an urban city, while "iwlist eth0 scan"
> typically finds 25-40 Access Points per scan.

That first time at my friend's house - I did not even have any 'eth0' --
let alone see any wifi networks.  Back home - I call my test runs "bad"
when 'iwlist eth0 scan' (as root) returns a single cell-description
(with ESSID blank and Address: 00:00:00:00:00:00).  So the "scan-wifi"
result is actually helpful to me - what I am trying to find out is more
about "HOW COME 'iwlist eth0 scan' is returning empty?"


> I'd be curious to see if the bad XOs could talk to good XOs on all
> 3 mesh channels (1, 6 & 11) even if placed a decent distance apart.

Thanks - you are right - I need to test with other channels.

Please note that the symptom I am trying to pursue is:  "Neighborhood
View shows some icons for XOs - but NO icons for APs."


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