OLPC 10.1.2 Release Candidate 3

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Aug 26 04:26:03 EDT 2010

On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 07:58:37PM -0700, S Page wrote:
> olpc-update still said `sudo olpc-update 10.1.2_xo1-851` , I assume
> that's a typo and changed it and the .usb links to 852.

I've usually avoided changing that until I've tested it, as part of my
role as system test coordinator.  Occasionally others think it should be
changed sooner, but I think that is quite brave.  At the time the
release announcement goes out, olpc-update is untested.  Chris doesn't
delay the release waiting for that test.

> == Release notes ==
> The release notes need to mention big-picture changes like Fedora 9
> to Fedora 11, Sugar 0.82.1 to 0.84.16, new firmware, etc.
> It would be nice if the release notes described the changes since
> 8.2.1 instead of referring to 10.1.0 and 10.1.1 and intermediate
> builds.

Writers welcome.  I don't see us getting time to describe all these.
And we won't block the release for it.

> I'll add more release note details in the Talk page as requested.


James Cameron

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