DHCP option 119

Hal Murray hmurray at megapathdsl.net
Tue Aug 24 00:07:29 EDT 2010

sridhar at laptop.org.au said:
> We are working with a department of education that is using Windows-based
> domain and DHCP servers. They want to know if the XOs support DHCP option
> 119, so that they can accept correct domain information for name resolution,
> etc.

> Does anybody have any information on this? 

[murray at xo-02-33-ff ~]$ more /etc/resolv.conf 
# Generated by NetworkManager
domain megapathdsl.net
search megapathdsl.net
[murray at xo-02-33-ff ~]$ host www
www.megapathdsl.net is an alias for users.megapathdsl.net.
users.megapathdsl.net is an alias for users.megapath.net.
users.megapath.net has address
[murray at xo-02-33-ff ~]$ 

That's what I expect via DHCP from my local DSL modem so it looks like the XO 
is doing the right thing.  (I didn't verify the packets on the wire/air to 
verify that it's using option 119.)

You will have to try it to verify that it works with your setup.

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