Software update in OLPC 10.1.2 Release Candidate 2, faster JavaScript

S Page skierpage at
Sun Aug 15 06:03:04 EDT 2010

(You didn't actually say you wanted feedback, but you sent this to
Testing, and didn't say you didn't.  People aren't using any more?)

== Software update ==
You have to scroll sideways in the My Settings panel to expose the
Software update and Language control panels.  I'm pretty sure someone
mentioned this problem with the grid layout already, but I can't find
What's the search box in My Settings supposed to do?  Searching for
"Software update" doesn't bring it into view or highlight it.

I mentioned that after Software update my Home view didn't show new
and updated activities until I restarted Sugar.  dsd has proposed a
fix in

Software update tells me "Fetching" , its Modify activity
groups tells me this is the URL for G1G1 Activities for OLPC OS 10.1,
and w.l.o. tells me 'This page lists the latest versions of the
various activities in the "G1G1" activity group for the very latest
build'.  But is NOT the list
of activities for 10.1!  The actual page that's used seems to be , only this has the new
activities like Words and Stopwatch.  If that's so, I think the
Activities and Activities/G1G1 pages should say something like "If
you're running OLPC OS release 10.1, lists the activities in
the G1G1 set for it and is the list checked by its Software update."
I'll make the change if no one disagrees.

The Activities/G1G1/10.1 page still says Turtle Art, but the 10.1
release calls it Turtle Blocks, I think should
mention the name change.

On an unrelated pleasant note, I ran Sunspider on 8.2.1 and got a
score of 55,109.6 ms.  On 10.1.2, my score was 19941.6 ms, 2.76x as
fast!  XULRunner 1.9 to 1.9.1 was a big jump, it includes the
TraceMonkey JavaScript engine from Firefox 3.5.

=S Page

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