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Please all join us right now reviewing the latest OLPC/Sugar community 
projects over IRC Live Chat:

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* Fast Review of the 4 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
 join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

 1. Squeakland/Etoys Testing - San Jose, CA; Hillsborough, NJ; Bigfork, 
MN; Champaign, IL
 2. GSoC Squeakland Education - Buenos Aires, Argentina
 3. Dominican College OLPC Chapter - Orangeburg/NYC, New York

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

1. Squeakland Etoys Testing - San Jose, CA; Hillsborough, NJ; Bigfork, 
MN; Champaign, IL

   Requests 4 XO-1.5s over 3 months

   Project Objectives:
   Currently, there is no dedicated user tester group for Squeakland. The
   education team, being the most active in the Squeakland community 
have been
   put to task to test the Etoys program prior to its release.

   The main objective of this project is to do a rigorous test of the beta
   version of Etoys against the planned release of Sugar and XO 1.5.

2. GSoC Squeakland Education - Buenos Aires, Argentina

   Requests 1 XOs over 4 months

   Project Objectives:
   This project involves developing tools in the Etoys/Squeak environment
   to aid learners, teachers and developers. I plan to use the XO to test
   these tools and assure they work properly in the platform.
   In outline, these tools will be:
   1) Etoys Paint Tool: The current implementation will be improved in
   order to support features like zoom, multiple undo, and a select tool,
   among others.
   2) Graphing of Data: Tiles for creating vertical and horizontal grid
   lines, major and minor tick marks, labels for axes, and a label for the
   graph will be created to allow students to graph data they acquire in
   science and mathematics projects.
   3) Input/Output of Data From/To Files: Tiles will be created to allow
   data from the Etoys environment to be output to a file and for
   information from an external file to be imported into the Etoys
   4) Learner and Teacher Feedback: Tiles will be created to allow
   formative feedback to be provided to learners and teachers as a student
   progresses through a project.
   5) Better Translation Support: The translation framework would be
   improved in order to allow different =93.po=94 files instead of one big
   =93Etoys.po=94 file.
   6) Wider Font Support: Currently, Etoys has a set of cross-platform
   fonts to use. It would be desirable to enlarge this set in order to
   include nicer fonts. The problem is that loading lots of fonts would
   make the image too big. Code to address this problem already exists, but
   it needs to be tested and merged with current Etoys code.
   7) EtoyMaker: This tool would let developers select a class name and
   choose the slots and commands they want for their Etoy. It would then
   compile all the necessary classes and methods to generate the Etoys
   tiles, etc. Developers will only need to implement the methods of their
   class, everything else will be generated automatically.

3. Dominican College OLPC Chapter - Orangeburg/NYC, New York
   Requests 10 XOs over 12 months

   Project Objectives:
   * Establish a University Chapter in which undergraduate US and Ugandan
     computer science students collaborate with graduate education students
     (via Blackboard, wikis, email, etc.)
   * Collaboration will be charged with creating/programming XO activities
     in alignment with Ugandan National Curriculum for primary schools.

4. Roadshow In A Box Expansion - Pray, Montana; Los Angeles, California

   Requests 3-6 XO-1.5s over 24+ months

   Project Objectives:

   The purpose of the Roadshow In A Box project is to bring awareness of
   the XO to as many educators, developers, and people interested in
   deployments as possible. The machines are used for demonstrations,
   presentations and workshops at conferences and schools, exhibit
   booths at expos, and showing to individuals who are interested in
   becoming a part of the OLPC community. Currently we have only one
   XO-1.5 which is checked out to the computer lab director at Montana
   State University. We want to expand this part of our project so that
   our "clients" can see and try the latest hardware.
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