olpc-update and 10.1.2

James Cameron quozl at laptop.org
Thu Aug 12 02:04:48 EDT 2010

On Fri, Aug 06, 2010 at 02:02:17PM -0700, S Page wrote:
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Olpc-update#USB_update says how to update
> from local files using `olpc-update -usb` , but the needed file
> os850.usb is not in the build directory.  Do you have any plans to
> produce it?

Fixed for os851.  Don't confuse the os851.usb files between XO-1 and
XO-1.5 though, since the laptop will gladly upgrade to a kernel that
won't boot properly.

> I thought olpc-update has to be performed as root, but release notes
> don't say `sudo olpc-update...`


> Someone inserted a /* Warning */ at the top of the Olpc-update page
> about activities that conflicts with what
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Release_notes/10.1.2#Upgrade says.

Fixed.  The warning was wrong.

> It sounds like olpc-update will take a lot of flash space.  Maybe the
> 10.1.2 notes should say how much you'll need.  Will the program tell
> me there's not enough room?

Takes about 350Mb, but it is not practical to explain exactly how much
space is required, since it depends on too many factors (other previous
olpc-updates in particular).  Yes, if there's not enough room it stops,
and after clearing some room it can be asked to continue from where it
left off.

> If a USB olpc-update isn't possible, I'll have to flash my XO-1 and
> lose my work.  Release notes say only, "Make a copy of any data you
> wish to keep"... how?  The only instructions on backing up the
> contents of an XO I could find are
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/How_to_backup_your_XO , but that just lets
> me restore a previous image.  Is there a guide to backing up files in
> such a way they're accessible in the new release?  In the past I've
> run `rsync -av ~` to a USB drive and dragged some Journal files to
> USB.

I don't know of a guide.

James Cameron

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