[support-gang] 10 things you should know about Sugar

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Tue Aug 3 08:55:18 EDT 2010

Martin is revisiting whether 'Journal' should be considered a "View".

I think how 'My Settings' is considered should also be revisited.  My
problem is that occasionally, due to some situation (which I myself
might have caused), I am unable to bring up Home Circle View.  Then, if
I need to change a 'My Settings' parameter, I can at best reboot - in
the hope that that will let me access 'My Settings' again.

I have the feeling that in tomorrow's versions there is an intent to
move control parameters out of 'My Settings' into the toolbar of the
Activity affected by that setting.  While that solves the problem of
"easy access to a setting from an Activity", it results in dispersing
discovery of "What things in the system can the user change?".  I myself
favor the centralizing of "control knobs", instead of dispersing them.

But yes, there is a need for easy access to those "control knobs".  Now
that (as a result of the High School keyboard) resources such as Journal
(for which there were dedicated keys on the membrane keyboard) are being
assigned to existing "Function Keys", I would like to see 'My Settings'
also be considered a "View", and be assigned its own invocation key.

Thanks,  mikus

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