Recommend build for XO-1.0 deployment

Tabitha Roder tabitha at
Sun Aug 1 20:59:47 EDT 2010

We are in Samoa helping out at two small deployments. We are
installing a school server and wifi at each school. They are running
8.2.1 on XO-1 hardware  (G1G1 donation). We have been running this
build on our laptops and it feels like a big step down from the sugar
0.84 and bernies's 0.88 builds we have been testing recently.

Does anyone have a build they would recommend? I believe the laptops
are locked, so it will have to be signed.

I'm running a newer build on one of our XOs and browse can't do http
basic authentication to configure the access points :-( I think it is
os300 (but that XO isn't with me right now).

Drop cc: on mailing lists that dont belong please.

Thanks for your help
Tabitha and Tom

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