Changing screen resolution XO 1.5

James Cameron quozl at
Sun Aug 1 19:48:45 EDT 2010

Here's my understanding ... though it could be slightly wrong in a few
places and I welcome correction.

The panel will not display a useful image unless the video data being
supplied to it by the processor is 1200x900.

If the resolution of the video data is changed by the X server, the
image is lost.  Therefore we have disabled resolution changing in the X

We have not implemented any rescaling of resolutions, which is where the
video data remains 1200x900 but the X server operates at a lower
resolution.  (An external LCD panel often provides rescaling, but the
internal LCD panel does not).

Therefore, no other resolution than 1200x900 is available.

SDL or Pygame activities can request a smaller resolution, and they are
granted it, but it is displayed with a black border padding out to

(e.g. if they ask for 1024x768, the activity will be given a 1024x768
window in which to draw, and the system will pad this with 88 horizontal
pixels and 66 vertical pixels, all black.  I've tested this.)

Activities or content must be designed to scale to fit the available
space.  Activities designed for older systems with lower resolutions
won't work in the same way.

Older applications that assume 75 DPI screens may also display text
almost unreadably small.

James Cameron

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