"Sugar: Wireless scan is slow to happen after sleep with wireless off" - first test results

Simon Schampijer simon at schampijer.de
Thu Apr 29 03:25:42 EDT 2010


I tested today if the Sugar reconnection to the wireless network is as 
fast as the one in GNOME. That for I used two XO 1.5, one running Sugar 
and one running GNOME,  and connected them to the same AP. I suspended 
both machines by closing the lid.

After I reopened the lid both machines connected to the previously 
connected AP at the same speed. It was easy to verify by eye. I repeated 
that test a few times and always had the same result.

I conclude, that the Sugar-NM implementation is not slower in 
reconnecting to the previously connected network than the GNOME one. 
Happy to hear about 'contraire' test results, of course ;)


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