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Wed Apr 28 18:32:32 EDT 2010

On 04/28/2010 01:43 PM, Paul Fox wrote:

>   >  1. fn is a bad key because software can't reuse it.  For example, on
>   >  the XO-1 we tried to make fn+F1 send an F1 press to the activity
>   >  (instead of going to the mesh view), but it was not possible because
>   >  the fn key is treated specially by the keyboard microcontroller, and
>   >  not forwarded to the OS.  There was no way to tell from software
>   >  whether a user had pressed fn+F1 or just F1.
> if you watch /dev/input/eventN, where N is the right device for
> the keyboard, you'll get a KEY_FN code for the Fn key.  and if
> you use it to modify F1, you'll get KEY_FN_F1 instead of KEY_F1.
> i'm checking this on 2.6.31 on XO-1.5.  it's possible that 2.6.25
> on XO-1 was different.

In XO-1 the ALPS touchpad/keyboard controller sent set2 codes directly 
where as in XO 1.5 we put the keyboard controller into maxtrix address 
mode and the EC does the conversion into set2 codes. Its very possible 
that CL1 XO1 didn't send a code for the Fn key.

<time passes>

/me grabs a XO 1 with ALPS and checks.  Nope.  0x59 & 0xD9. You can also 
see that it works with test /keyboard from OFW where if you press the Fn 
key you can see the response on the screen.

So if it didn't work it wasn't the fault of the ALPS controller or the EC.

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