Testing & rebuilding dracut-modules-olpc?

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 12:06:21 EDT 2010

Porting some patches to d-m-o...

 - Is there a handy way to test changes to dracut-modules-olpc without
building an RPM and installing it? (Other than unpacking / repacking
the initramfs by hand with cpio, naturally...)

 - How is this package built / maintained? I have gotten as far as:

   - edit configure.ac to "touch up" the version number ("0.3.2a")
   - git archive --format tar --prefix dracut-modules-olpc-0.3.2a/ |
bzip2 > dracut-modules-olpc-0.3.2a.tar.bz2
   - autogen.sh && make rpms

rpmbuild falls over because there is no ./configure script in place.
So I guess I have to export the tar from git and then add the
configure script. It gets convoluted however.


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