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Thu Apr 22 11:15:51 EDT 2010

On 04/22/2010 10:26 AM, John Watlington wrote:

> Sameer,
>     You want us to add software to our build so that
> you can support an $89 USB peripheral that requires
> a separate screen, keyboard, and mouse ?
> I'm sorry, but building more computer labs isn't
> what OLPC is about.

Where are you reading that displaylink requires a separate keyboard and 
mouse? libdlo supports the chip and the protocol not any specific device.

While not immediately usefull overall I think this is a +1 since I've 
received several requests via the support gang list on how to make the 
USB VGA adapter work.  Many have tried and seems everyone but the 
original has failed.  USB projectors are listed as products that might 
be useful (if the have the currently spported chip or when other chips 
are added)

All the the requests for a USB video were so they could hook it up to a 
projector for training classes. The possibility of USB projector support 
seems very worthwhile.

If none of the projectors are supported yet then there's not much point 
in adding it to the build but if someone gets a projector working then 
we certainly should support it.

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