Mistake changing seria number

Mitch Bradley wmb at laptop.org
Tue Apr 20 14:24:11 EDT 2010

Well, actually, there is one other option - it is possible to use one 
XO-1.5 to reprogram the SPI FLASH inside another.  It requires that you 
solder header connectors to both machines and connect them with a ribbon 
cable.  I don't think that there is a writeup for how to do it.

Mitch Bradley wrote:
> Your only option at this point is to replace the SPI FLASH part.
> Gonzalo Odiard wrote:
>> One of the XOs 1.5 here in La Rioja have the serial number with lower 
>> case letters "SHC00500ad0", this machine can't be activated.
>> We tried to change the tag, but made a mistake and used "delete-tag" 
>> and not "change-tag", and the machine has security enabled.
>> The machine doesn't have serial number now, and show "No serial 
>> number" so we canĀ“t access OFW prompt.
>> We tried connecting the serial cable, but when we do:
>> ok add-tag SN SHC00500AD0
>> we have:
>> Restarting to enable SPI FLASH writing.  Try again after the system 
>> restarts.
>> Do we have any options, or have we broken the laptop?
>> -- 
>> Gonzalo Odiard
>> SugarLabs Argentina
>> La Rioja

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