the old keypad behavior gets too sensitive

Hal Murray hmurray at
Fri Apr 16 16:17:36 EDT 2010

> I usually operate my XO with an external USB trackball, and have no problem
> with cursor positioning.  Lately I've often needed to operate XOs (hdw early
> G1G1, but F11 build) with the native keypad, and I can appreciate the many
> complaints I have heard about using the old keypad. 

Does anybody remember if it worked better on (way) old OSes?

How many different types of touchpads were used on XO-1s?

>From a b3:
  psmouse serio1: OLPC touchpad revision 0x28

>From a c2:
  psmouse serio1: OLPC touchpad revision 0x50

I assume that version number is referring to the hardware since both of those 
boxes are running os140py.

I can confirm that the old/b3 unit works much much better than the newer c2 

"Too sensitive" is only half of the description.  It matches one of my 
problems which is that I can't lift my finger up to use it to click a button 
because the cursor slithers away from where I had positioned it.

But the other problem is that the cursor doesn't move when I move my finger.  
I'm probably getting tangled up with recalibrate.  Some sort of UI feedback 
during recalibrate might be a big help.

Is there a simple way to disable auto recalibrate?

My test case is Implode.  It's just a long series of move-click, move-click.  
But you can use the space bar rather than click so my finger stays on the pad 
for a whole game.  (You need a real click to get a new game.)

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