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Mon Apr 12 22:38:40 EDT 2010

sorry to bother you guys again.

Sorry for the mixup, the game Snow Farm plagiarized by the Beijing
Olympic Committee dev team is by The Pencil Farm, not Ferry Halim.
Pencil Farm is one of the other guys plagiarized too. I was in a rush,
lack sleep and just quick-copy pasted from years-ago-memory-google
without re-reading the article.

Here's more about it:

"Yes, it seems that you have a skill you can't yet use, because
someone else is needed first to prepare something you can build on. If
there's any way we're stopping that someone else from working, let us

Hi James! It's more of needing help documenting the technical hurdles
we need to overcome. So we can forward them to Adobe & they can give
us help. Busy with work, will set up/edit the Wikis later in the
week, give a buzz & hope those of you guys in the know can help
document what's needed.

"I look for function, not for attractive interfaces."

And that is where the open source community fails. You guys have to
realize how important UX is (user experience), it's why the mac &
iphone succeeds despite their hardware being "inferior"/less bang for

I know a lot of us would rather date the less attractive girl over the
dumb blonde, but are you guys saying the smart blonde is less hawt?
(go Natalie Portman!)

Quick question and raise of hands: who else here is a professional  designer?

Talk to you guys later in the week. Good luck with the release!


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then change it instead of just complaining."

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