New XO-1.5 10.2.0 build 118

Chris Ball cjb at
Thu Apr 8 23:14:26 EDT 2010

Compressed image size: 678.35mb (-0.05mb since build 117)

Description of changes in this build:
* olpc-utils: ship new olpc-solar-log script from rsmith
* olpc-runin-tests: update from rsmith
* openchrome: add I420 Xv support (#10102)
* openchrome: fix for crashes in 16-bpp mode (#10104)
* kernel: allow negotiation of 5/10/15/30fps (#10106)
* olpc-powerd: - enable network activity checks:  pings, inbound traffic
  for established tcp connections, as well as any non-mdns outbound
  traffic, within 5 seconds of the target time, will all keep the
  suspend inhibited.
* Record v66, remove bundled broken, fixing "Record only
  records a few frames of video with Xv" (#10070)
* Pull F11 updates.

Package changes since build 117:


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