Adobe Flash 10.1 + AIR 2.0 on the XO

Reuben K. Caron reuben at
Tue Apr 6 15:27:44 EDT 2010

On Mar 24, 2010, at 10:30 AM, Martin Langhoff wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 8:53 AM, Reuben K. Caron <reuben at>  
> wrote:
>> Yes and no. Anyone technically capable to rebuild our build system,  
>> as you
>> mention below, will be able to easily script the installation of AIR.
> Nope. I am fairly good with it, and I cannot script the installation
> of AIR. If you have a technique, time to share it.

I was able to script it by doing:

yum install gtk2-devel libxml2-devel rpm-devel rpm-build nss nss-devel
chmod 777 AdobeAIRInstaller.bin
./AdobeAIRInstaller.bin -silent -eulaAccepted
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