USB keyboard replacement

Paul Fox pgf at
Tue Apr 6 10:14:36 EDT 2010

mikus wrote:
 > > I have been installing USB keyboards in a few XO-1.5s.
 > To me, sounds complicated.

it is.  very.  i've watched wad do it.  and redo it.  :-)
it might even be more complicated than that page makes it look!
i modified my own G1G1 XO a couple of years ago in a similar
fashion.  but i wasn't as careful, and the plastic case now has
stress cracks showing up in several places due to the force i had
to use to cram everything back together.  wad has done a much better
job of making things fit properly.

 > I've been using an external USB keyboard all
 > along, and the XO drops power on the USB bus when it suspends.
 > When the XO has only an USB keyboard, and suspends -- the user would
 > need to "tap" the keypad to be able to type again.

yes.  in theory XO-1.5 has the ability to wake on USB events.  it's
on my todo list to see if that can be made to work properly.

the laptops being modified by wad are proof-of-concept prototypes
to see how that sort of keyboard might work for deployments to
older students.  if they were to become "real", the keyboard
would not be connected via USB.

 >  p.s.  BTW, I like the external Adesso AKB-110W USB keyboard.
 >        It is only three inches wider than the XO, and fits into
 >        the pack I use for carrying my XO.

certainly i wouldn't choose the micro keyboard that we've been able
to fit into the XO case as an external keyboard if i had a choice.
it's useable, but still too small.  and it lacks a right-hand shift key.

 paul fox, pgf at

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